Conditions of Use

General provisions

The SAC section Hohe Winde and its suppliers endeavor to offer the customer the best possible, state-of-the-art service that is as professional as possible. For this purpose, the SAC High Wind section makes use of proven technology as well as proven specialists and suppliers (collectively: "Suppliers"), applying the necessary care. Nevertheless, the SAC Hohe Winde section cannot guarantee that the services will be performed without errors or without interruption, nor can it rule out illegal interventions in the IT system or improper use by unauthorized persons, and rejects any liability for any damage resulting therefrom. Liability for the services of third parties is excluded to the extent permitted by law.

The customer uses his hardware (including printer), operating software and telecommunications equipment to use services at his own risk and expense. The customer acknowledges that the SAC section Hohe Winde and its suppliers / licensors are not obliged to support or maintain certain software or to support certain operating platforms or systems or to maintain their support in the future. The SAC Hohe Winde section rejects any liability for damage to the customer's IT system as a result of the use of the website or the use of services within the scope of what is legally permissible.



The customer acknowledges that rights and obligations, in particular from ordering tickets and / or using other services offered on the website, arise exclusively between the respective organizer and the customer. The customer must contact the respective organizer directly for concerns and claims of any kind in connection with the events themselves, with the exception of handling the ticket purchase.

Tickets are checked electronically at the entrance to the event. We reserve the right to check the authorization of the ticket presenter.

Tickets must be protected from moisture, dirt, mechanical or optical effects and other damage, etc. The QR code must be machine-readable. Damaged tickets will not be replaced.

Copying, changing or imitating etc. tickets is not permitted. Tickets manipulated in this way or in any other way are not valid.

Reselling or trading tickets at unofficial prices is strictly prohibited. Tickets purchased in this way lose their validity. If there is any suspicion, we reserve the right to block the corresponding tickets and / or the customer account without a refund being issued.

If the ticket is not withdrawn upon entry, it must be kept until the end of the event and presented on request. Any misuse of tickets is prohibited. The instructions of the event staff must be followed. In the event of non-compliance, the right to claim damages is reserved, in addition to expiry of the right to participate.

Tickets cannot be returned or exchanged. If an event is postponed, the tickets remain valid.


Data protection

The customer acknowledges and agrees that the SAC section Hohe Winde and its suppliers may gain knowledge of personal data in connection with the provision and maintenance of the website and the provision of services. The SAC section Hohe Winde endeavors to ensure confidentiality within the legally required and commercially reasonable framework.


Usage regulations and safety provisions

By purchasing any ticket, the customer accepts the rules of use and the safety regulations of the climbing hall in Laufen of the SAC section Hohe Winde. Before entering the hall for the first time, the customer must read the rules of use and the safety regulations and sign the safety regulations. The current rules of use and the current safety regulations can be found on the website of the SAC section Hohe Winde.